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Donation Campaign for Replacement Equipment

Dear Friends and Listeners,

The Mark in Russia podcast has been a project of mine for about 5 years now. While you may not agree with my views expressed in all of my episodes, I appreciate the fact that you listen to them and I hope to take things up a notch during the coming year in terms of production quality. To this end I’ve taken 4 different online audio storytelling courses with Duke University in South Carolina. This means that once or twice a week I’m awake in order to participate in class from 3:00 A.M. till 5:00 A.M. Chelyabinsk time. I’ve put some of my new pieces here and also on a new site of mine at

Recently I took a fall on an icy street here in Chelyabinsk and unfortunately severely damaged my primary interview recorder, also damaging, but not destroying my favorite interview microphone.

This podcast is my hobby; I make absolutely no money from it, nor have I ever requested money for doing it.

Between equipment costs, website and education costs I spend about $2000 a year on my hobby.

This podcast is, and always will be free for you to listen to, but perhaps if you feel that you get something useful from it, I’d like to try to raise about $950 total to replace my recorder and also to get a new microphone, actually a bit better sounding than the one that I’m currently using.

Look, for those of you who are seeing this at the “Mark’s Place” website and are new listeners, I don’t want you to think that begging for money is a regular feature here, this is actually a first and if you are new, I don’t expect you to help out.

With the donations, I hope to buy this recorder: and this new microphone:

If you can help me towards my goal, I’ll also give you personal thanks for your help during my actual podcast episode and list you here on my site as a donor.

Please use the Paypal button here and even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still pay using your debit card or credit card.



Mark Kelleher


Russia’s August Curse

August Curse

What many in the West think of as the “Dog Days of Summer”, is better known in Russia as the August Curse.

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Kick back and listen to some memories as told by a couple of Russians.