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Russia Headlong into 2015

Russian new year

This is the second installment of my series showing the effects of sanctions and the true feelings of Russians during these politically charged times. I don’t pretend, like NPR and all other liberal outlets to be unbiased, so kindly don’t try to point out that I’m biased, perhaps better to say that I’m honest.

This episode will start with the annual New Year’s greeting to the Russian people from

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their President. It is long, about 4 minutes total, the speech I mean, but it makes for good comparison to speeches that spill diarrheally (Hey look, I just invented a new word!) from the Great Leader Obama’s mouth during his long Castro like speeches. Of particular note is an almost total absence of “I”, “me” and “mine” from the speech and the inclusion of references to love of country. These of course are the opposite of what Americans have to bear with when and if they listen to the Great Leader.

After the New Years address to the Russian people, I’ll insert a number of interviews with just regular Russians as they speak of their hope and fears for the year of 2015. Although I wouldn’t call this compelling radio storytelling, I do call it a story that should be heard.

Oh, by the way, hatred towards Obama does not mean love of Putin, so all of you Obama sycophants can shove that thought up your asses.

Well, let’s listen:

A little culture lesson here; for many Russians, it’s a tradition to write down their New Years wishes on a piece of paper as the clock starts striking midnight, burning the paper, putting the ashes in their champagne glasses along with champagne and drinking it as the final stroke of midnight tolls on the Kremlin clock tower.



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