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24-hour Radio Race – Virtuous Immigration

Back in the early Fall of 2014 I decided on a whim to enter a 24-hour radio production competition. In this contest, you and your team had 24-hours to produce a radio piece based upon a theme expression given at the very start of the 24-hour period.

There were hundreds of entrants from all over the world who took place in this and most were part of a team. I acted solo and actually only had about 12 hours to do my piece because the theme was announced about [11:00] P.M. my local Russian time; a little late to be out gathering interviews.

The theme was, “You Should Know” and the finished piece could not exceed 4 minutes in length. I did not win at all because frankly, there were better pieces than mine, but I had no illusions of winning, since this was a Public radio station. Before the contest started to me anyhow, I knew that the only way to win this contest would be to cover the favorite themes of the NPR crowd such as gay marriage, transgenderism and so forth. Mine covered the drawbacks to the poor law abiding immigrant during a time when uneducated illegal immigrants are felt to possess so much more virtue than regular citizens. Well, I never claim to make unbiased pieces.

By the way, my beforehand guess in terms of what types of pieces would win were 100% correct. It’s tough being right all of the time.

In any place though, I enjoyed the stress and rush of trying to develop and produce a piece in such a short time.

Listen to the Episode............. (00:04:10)
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